About Us 

Up Town International was incorporated in 2013 as a private limited entity. Ever since its inception 6 years ago, Up Town International has become a strong force, and successfully diversified its business into multiple sectors.

Founded by Expert Strategists, UTI Group is dedicated to help its customers to find the right product mix to fulfill their requirements and help improve the efficiency partner businesses.

Ensuring delivery of the highest quality which are cost effective to its clients is an effort to maximize customer satisfaction as well as to meet the needs and the expectations of the clients while strictly abiding by the set regulations.

UTI Group strives to be the region’s complete and primary source of quality Food products, complimented with reliable and efficient customer services, thereby be recognized as the leading organization in Imports, Exports, Wholesale Trading, Freight Forwarding, Supply Solutions and Travel & Tourism.

Up Town Group of Companies commitment to its customers is vast selection of consumable, one stop travel solutions and complete supply chain solutions with competitive prices, product or service satisfaction guarantee, exceptional customer service and complete confidentiality thanks to its hard working Staff.

The group recently has further expanded into world renowned Ceylon Tea production and exports and has established its own information technology wing, which supports the exponential growth of the group, and provides its IT Security and development services to the clients too.


Be recognized as an agricultural and industrial group and being part of the best international suppliers of fresh perishable products agri-foods market and be recognized as the most preferred travel partner for Sri Lanka and to the best supply chain solutions provider in the country.


Increase our turnover and our market shares with a sufficient profitability by supplying high quality, competitive and varied products and services, in perfect harmony with the environment and respecting the security rules. Accomplish an incremental improvement pattern on our abilities and performances, practice near Zero carbon footprint mechanisms, focus all our efforts on common corporate goals by setting up a management system based on the best industry practices in order satisfy and fulfill the needs of our clients.

Our Core Values



Deep expertise and insightful evidence-based solutions on everything we do.



Positive change starts at the source, so our experts work closely with local farmers, engaging them and supporting them to give us the best.



We take a long-term view so we can deliver lasting changes for both the upside and the downside of our supply chain.



We model innovative new approaches and are not afraid to challenge strategies that are failing.